Bono is a knob end

July 8, 2006

Some people may have wondered why I haven’t blogged about the new Defective By Design plan to petition former musician and left wing political thingy, Bono, to join the fight against digital restriction management.  This is one campaign I will be sitting out, though I still believe  the fight against DRM is an important part of the effort to create a truly free world culture and vital to the Free Software movement specifically and I will support defective by designs efforts in the future. I have two reasons for not supporting this petition, firstly Bono was long ago yesterdays man in the music industry and his left wing political views make him an inappropriate representative in either Washington or Ottawa these days.  The other reason I won’t be petitiioning  Bono is that the man is a knob end, if the mere fact that this foreigner would come to Canada and try to tell Canadians how to vote wasn’t offensive enough, his smarmy self serving speech at the Liberal leadership Conference a few years ago would have stripped away any lingering respect I might have had for the man. Twat


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