Delays, delays, delays…

September 28, 2006

Well, so much for releasing the first episode of our podcast early last week, issues with audio, issues with the website and the fact that none of us has ever done this before caused the first episode we record to be sent to the scrap heap due to white noise and blanks spots in some segment, after some experimentation we seem to have resolved our issues and we will be recording again this weekend. In the meantime Jason, our web guru, has put together a very cool looking website. Jason is a really talented web developer/programmer and is currently looking for work, if you need some cool Ajaxy web stuff done contact him at jason at fenix dot ca. If things work out as planned we should have an episode online Tuesday or Wednesday, check it out.


One Response to “Delays, delays, delays…”

  1. As I said before, what gets to me is, that JI and all these other idiots are so outraged and their “religious soul” hurt by this outrageous but rather Click

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